United Minorities Council

Established in 1978, the United Minorities Council is a coalition of minority student organizations at the University of Pennsylvania.

The UMC strives to amplify underrepresented voices, facilitate intercultural communication, and generate a healthy dialogue on how Penn can best serve its minority students. 

The United Minorities Council was founded in 1978 as an intercultural coalition of students who fight for equity and access to resources for students of color at Penn. Among UMC’s earliest accomplishments is staging sit-in protests that led to the establishment of the Greenfield Intercultural Center (3708 Chestnut Street) in 1984.

UMC Board 2024 

Chair: Fiona Wu, SEAS ’25 wu101@upenn.edu  

Vice Chair: Mackenzie Hill C’27 mackhill@sas.upenn.edu  

Political Chair: Juan Lopez C’26 jrlopezj@sas.upenn.edu  

Financial Chair: Maliha Rahman C’25 malihar@upenn.edu  

Programming Chairs: Beza Mersiehazen C’26, bezamers@sas.upenn.edu  and Areebah Ahmed C’26 areebah@sas.upenn.edu  

Admissions and Outreach: Endy Huynh N’27 endy@nursing@upenn.edu  

Marketing: Tyasia Cannon C’26 tyasia@sas.upenn.edu