Student Groups

The GIC was initiated by and for students in 1984. Founded in response to the United Minorities Council’s 1978 petition, the GIC provides support to the United Minorities Council (UMC) and to its many constituent student groups. These are the student leaders we support:

The United Minorities Council

The United Minorities Council (UMC) is an undergraduate student coalition of Penn’s cultural and ethnic student groups. The UMC also hosts two major university-wide events during the academic year: Unity Week in the fall and Celebration of Cultures in the spring.

2023-24 UMC Board

Chair: Oumy Diasse, C’24,

Vice Chair: Fiona Wu, SEAS’25,

Political Chair: Erika Acosta, C’24,

Finance Chair:Nahom Gebregiorgis, C’26,

Programming Chair: Maliha Rahman, C’25,

Admissions & Outreach Chair: Mariah Wright-Moses, C'26,

Marketing Chair: Bryan Kim, C’25,

Natives at Penn

Natives at Penn (NAP), originally founded in 1994, is a student organization representing Native and Indigenous students on Penn’s campus. NAP works to increase awareness of contemporary Indigenous issues and host Penn’s Annual Powwow every year.

2023 NAP Board

Lauren McDonald,
Nyair Locklear,

External Operations Chair: Tristan Fajardo,

Historian: Aubrey Welch,

Treasurer: Sophia Poersch,

Communications: Ryly Ziese,

Social Chair: Keaton Mackey,

Freshman Outreach: Mollie Benn, and Carlyle Cornell,

The Assembly of International Students

The Assembly of International Students (AIS) is a student group that is run and represented by students of global backgrounds, whether international or not. AIS offers mentorship programs, parties and social events, conferences and alumni networking events, and the Student Ambassador Program.

2023-24 AIS Board

President: Heather Shieh, W'24,

Executive Vice-President: Alexandar Krastev, C'25,

Vice-President of Internal Affairs: Kate Ong, C'25,

Vice-President of Finances: Candice Huang, W'25,

Vice-President of Communications: Vidya Pandiaraju, C'26,

Vice-President of Marketing: Chris Li, W'26,

Alumni & Employment Chair: Ejun Hong, C'25,

International Mentorship & Orientation Chair: Luna Sato, C'26,

Social & Community Engagement Chair: Bruno Basner, W'26,